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Would you like to become a beekeeper?

Most people want to become a beekeeper for the delicious golden honey those busy bees produce. Others would like their vegetable, fruit and nut trees pollinated for greater food production. Farmers need bees for their extensive agriculture such as crop pollination for almond, nut and fruit orchards, as well as providing us with vegetables. There are also many that just want to save the bees.  Without bees the world could starve. So looking after our bees is just so important. Whatever your reason; it’s all interesting, fun and rewarding. You will be helping food security, the bees and our planet.

How to become a beekeeper

By joining your local Beekeeping club where you may be able to choose a mentor and learn your skills from the support the mentor and club will give you. A local beekeeper may help you, research in good books, websites like this one and Australian videos where possible.

Local clubs such as the Gippsland Apiary Assoc. (GAA), Latrobe Valley Club in Moe the South Gippsland Beekeeping club in Leongatha and the West Gippsland Beekeepers in Warragul work together where possible. There are smaller groups in Orbost and surrounding areas. All groups and clubs welcome new members.

Beekeeping has made a huge resurgence in interest in recent years, so by providing a new secure website the GAA are offering information drawn from the knowledge and expertise of Master Beekeepers to all those interested in beekeeping.
Help is also provided in the GAA Newsletter, by phone and email. 

Questions are answered to those that send them in from our Facebook page link below.

Local clubs understand their local area, the environment, weather and seasons they know how to manage bees properly and are happy to pass that knowledge on. There are a number of methods to manage bees successfully and different beekeepers have their own methods. You can choose which method suits you by talking to club members and researching information on sites like ours.

This site covers most areas of beekeeping so check out the menus and links to fulfil your desire to keep bees successfully.

Answers to your questions may also be found on our Facebook Page   

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