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The Gippsland Apiarist Association (GAA) was convened by H Raybould, M Sheilds and W Roderick at Lucknow Hall Bairnsdale on Saturday 2nd April 1966. There were 21 Founding members.


Also in attendance in the meetings that followed were R Heron, A Sells, M Coleman, C Gell, J Raybald, R Callaway Executive member 1967, Keith Cane Executive member in 1967, Ernie Goode, Ron Branch, George Barraclough, Max Shields, Rex and Marie Fish, Clarence Gell, Alf Cane, Frederick Clem, Clarence Miles from Swifts Creek, Eileen Raybould.

Providing the club with support over the years were the Victorian Apiarists Assoc (VAA) including the McDonalds family, Terry and Margaret Goode, Gavin Jamieson, Linton and David Briggs, Bob and Val Stevenson, Joan Traill, Alan Neven and apiary inspectors Laurie Braybrook, Ray Gribbin, Bill Shay, Peter Kaczynski and Joe Riordan. 

There were originally only 21 members in the club, where Marie Fish designed the GAA logo that forms part of our identity and is seen on both our Website and Newsletter banners.

The club was formed because the Australian Honey Board was going to bring in an export levy and the beekeepers were against it. They formed the association to have a voice for beekeepers, and over the years have fought for the rights of beekeepers ever since.

Ian Cane attaching Purple Hive
Ian Cane attaching Purple Hive

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Our Life members who have given their time and dedication to our club over many years are


Keith Cane




Bob Archibald


Jim Bown


Laurie Braybrook


Mick Camilleri


Jean Hannaford


Ron Branch

Bill Ringin 2

Bill Ringin


Terry Goode


Ernie Goode


Ian Cane


Howard Stevens


Rob West


Linda Filsell


Some members are commercial apiarists as well as very experienced hobbyists with an immense amount of knowledge. Not only does the club have a depth of information and experience in apiary management but also in the environment, organic and sustainable methods and many associated skills.

These beekeepers are keen to pass on their skills and knowledge and happy to show new beekeepers the best methods to put into place to run a successful beekeeping hobby. It’s also a platform for the commercial beekeepers to discuss management methods and learn from each other.

The quarterly newsletter passes on some of this information and of course this website, as well the club holds Forest Tours, Queen Bee Days, Information Days and Field Days as well as social days such as the summer and winter solstice and Christmas lunches. Club members also visit Field Days put on by other clubs.

Local clubs such as the Gippsland Apiarist Assoc., Latrobe Valley Club in Moe and the South Gippsland Beekeeping club in Leongatha work together where possible. New members are welcome to all of our local clubs.

Beekeeping has made a huge resurgence in interest in recent years, so by providing a new secure website the GAA will be providing information to all those interested in beekeeping. The GAA try to provide mentoring from Master beekeepers to new members who wish to learn. Help is also provided in the Newsletter, by phone 0439 866 393 and email. Questions are answered to those that send them in from our Facebook page.(link to Contacts Page)