Ants & Mice


Ants are more of a nuisance than anything, so place your beehive away from any known ants nests, or get rid of the ants nest. If you have a problem then stand each leg/brick that holds the hive above the ground into a can of oil or water so that the ants can’t climb into the hive. Another way that I haven’t tried myself is to sprinkle cinnamon around the hive and under the lid. Apparently Ants hate it, and its not harmful to bees. each time it rains you would need to re sprinkle.


Heavy crop yields and summer rains have created ideal breeding conditions for mice, with areas of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland inundated with rodents, the Geelong Advertiser said.

The Department of Primary Industries have reported outbreaks along the Murray River.

Mice can come in their hundreds and when this happens mouse guards can be fixed to the beehive entrances. These allow bees to come and go but not the mice. If a harvest is happening near your hives, then fix the mouse guards to the entrance before the harvest has started.

Mice can also destroy a healthy hive during the winter by eating through the comb and eating bees and honey. Fixing mouse guards to your hives for the winter period can also close part of the entrance as well as keeping the mice out. You can purchase various styles of mouse guards, some are made from metal, as in the image.