Hive Construction

Hive Construction

Figure 23 is taken from 'The Bee Book: Beekeeping in Australia' (2005). Permission has been granted from the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation for its use.

Standard Hives are 8 frame and 10 frame. The 8 frame are popular due to the weight issue. Both consist of:

  • a bottom board
  • a brood chamber for the brood frames and combs
  • a queen excluder to keep the brood separated from the honey.
  • a super, identical in measurements to the brood chamber, in which bees store honey. This often has cleats or handholds for lifting.
  • a lid, usually with a metal cover, to protect the hive
    a strap or clips to bind the unit together.

Using 22.2 mm thick timber.

Many beekeepers also add a vinyl mat with a slightly fluffy back (an off cut from a vinyl floor covering) cut to sit on the top frames under the lid. Ensure there is a generous margin around for the bees to get air circulation.

Small beekeepers should stay with one design that have the same measurements. This allows you to exchange components from one hive to another. All parts will fit any of your hives.

When switching components from one hive to another, make sure you are not spreading disease.

Buy components that are easy maintenance.