d Keep on Buzzing A beekeping heaven. d Keep on Buzzing Organic and Fresh. d Keep on Buzzing Finest Honey You’ll try.

Welcome to The Gippsland Apiarist Association

The Gippsland Apiarist Association (GAA) is based in Gippsland and services all of the Gippsland Region. There are a mixture of members both experienced and new beekeepers.

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Our Events

Join Us as We Unveil Your Bee Love

Become a Beekeeper

Start to build up your bee heaven today


Beginner Beekeepers

Completed guide for beginner beekeepers - legal, environment, hive & bee knowledges


General Beekeeping

Providing beekeeping tips, health, allergens, pets, diseases and necessary tools


Seasonnal Task

Tasks by season for our Gippsland beekeepers from Early Spring to Late Winter


Becomer a Member

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